Delta Drone + Electronic Gimbal Bundle

$249.95 NZD $799.00 NZD

  • GPS Hover
  • GPS Return to home
  • 17 minutes flight time
  • 400m range
  • Option to mount the electronic gimbal

Designed to get your Action Camera up in the air


  • Able to carry a GoPro™ as well as most other Action Cameras, the Delta Drone lets you capture pro-quality, smooth footage from above. Fully stabilised with GPS satellite control and with an impressive 17 minute flight time, The Delta can hover and even Return to Home. 

    • With an impressive range of 400m, the Delta Drone comes pre-programmed with Geofencing at 300m, as a safety precaution. This stops the Delta Drone flying out of the Pilot’s VLOS (Visual Line of Sight)
    • The Delta Drone can lock its altitude in a hover, using Global Positioning Satellites. Enjoy seeing the Delta Drone hover effortlessly, with increased stability when taking aerial footage.
    • Fly with confidence knowing that the built-in RTH function will bring the Delta Drone back its Take-off Location, all at the touch of a button
    • The official Delta Drone Battery grants the Delta Drone an impressive 17 minute flight time. With a 2200mAh capacity, pack more than one battery and enjoy an extended time in the air!



  • Delta Drone

    Remote Transmitter

    Max Ascent Speed: 6m per sec
    Hover Accuracy: 0.8m
    Max Flight Speed: 15m per sec
    Motors: 920 KV brush
    Battery: 3S LiPo, 11.1 V/2200 mAh
    Flying Weight:: 810g
    Flight Time: Up to 17 minutes
    Size: 290 x 290 x 185 mm
    Rotor Blades: 9043 Self Tightening
    Gimbal Adapter: Optional Accessory
    Channels: 6 Channel
    Operating Frequency: 2.4-2.48GHZ
    Bandwidth: 500KHZ
    Channel Resolution: 1024
    Weight: 335g
    Input Power: 6V.AA Batteries
    Size: 174 x 89 x 190 mm




User Guide


Pre-Flight Checklist


UAV Regional Guide

Click your local authority to view the UAV regulations in your region

IMPORTANT – It is the responsibility of the Pilot to properly research and familiarise themselves with the regulations surrounding the flying of their UAV.  This list serves as a guide only.


Never use your drone with any Radio Communication, WiFi or Bluetooth equipment in close proximity or attached to the Drone/Transmitter. Failure to adhere to this may cause serious interference with the Drone and loss of signal and control.

Never fly your Drone with the WiFi, Bluetooth or Radio Communication enabled on your Action Camera or GoPro. Flying your Drone with a WiFi enabled Action Camera attached to it may cause serious interference and loss of control as they both operate on the 2.4ghz frequency.

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