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  • 9 Activities for when you're stuck indoors

    Wed, Mar 25, 20

    It's a strange time right now and being an Australian / New Zealand company, we know what it's like to be stuck indoors...with kids! (Help!)  The balance between letting kids have...

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  • X600 Action Camera - Waterproof Body and Benefits

    Thu, Feb 27, 20

    The X600 Action Camera is our first Action Camera by Kaiser Baas, that doesn't require a waterproof case! The watertight design means you can still capture underwater content at depths...

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  • Kaiser Baas Electric Scooter Update For NZ

    Wed, Sep 18, 19

    NZ E-Scooter Update! They barely lasted a day, but our brand new E-Scooters completely sold out on our website!While this has no doubt inconvenienced many that had their eye on...

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  • How to stabilise your XS3 Gimbal

    Mon, Sep 02, 19

    Got a Gimbal or looking to buy one? A Gimbal is a motorised device used to keep your Action Camera or Smartphone level and stable. The KB Gimbals have 3...

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  • Which E-Scooter is right for you?

    Mon, Jul 29, 19

    Our exciting new E-Scooter additions have joined the Kaiser Baas family, providing you with a fun and economical way to commute! We've released two Electric Scooters that cater to various needs, but...

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  • Sam O'Dea: Beach Volleyball

    Thu, Jul 25, 19

    We love to support awesome people doing awesome things. Beach Volleyball is a fave here in New Zealand and we're lucky enough to have some pretty amazing talent, both on the court and...

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